Sentience Politics is an anti-speciesist political think-tank. We advocate a society in which the interests of all sentient beings will be given moral consideration, regardless of their species membership. Our activities include political initiatives and the composition of scientific position papers, in order to encourage rational discussion of relevant important and complex ideas.

Our guiding philosophy is effective altruism: when time and money are limited, how can we best use our resources to reduce as much suffering as possible? We approach this question using rationality and empirical science in order to identify and implement the most effective strategies to reduce suffering.

In addition to political work, Sentience Politics also develops high-leverage meta strategies that could be instrumental in strengthening the entire animal rights movement. These efforts include the systematic dissemination of ideas surrounding effective thinking and effective donating. Because a lack of financial resources is currently a major impediment to the animal rights movement, concentration on effectiveness could be strategically crucial.