How to End Farm Animal Suffering?


  • Brian Kateman, President Reducetarian Foundation
  • Jacy Reese, Research Associate Animal Charity Evaluators
  • Martin Balluch, Campaign Manager Association Against Animal Factories
  • Sebastian Joy, Executive Director VEBU

Time: Saturday, 03:00 PM – 04:00 PM
Room: H3010

Ending farm animal suffering has long been a core focus of animal activism, but there’s significant uncertainty about the relative effectiveness of various strategies for achieving this goal. For instance, it’s unclear whether activists should focus more on creating “reducetarians” rather than vegans, whether political and legal approaches are more effective than promoting individual dietary changes, or whether entrepreneurship and/or technological solutions – such as the development of cultured meat – are the way to go. Additional dilemmas arise from questioning our long-term approaches. How direct or “meta” should our strategies be? How important is it to keep the “bigger picture” in mind when advocating for farm animals? Should we, in our advocacy, go with whatever reduces factory farming the most, or are there constraints resulting from broader ultimate goals?