Cellular Agriculture: a Practical Solution to Factory Farming

Speaker: Gilonne d’Origny, Lead Development Officer New Harvest
Time: Sunday, 10:30 AM – 11:00 AM
Room: H3010

Factory farming is a silent time bomb responsible for some of the greatest global problems of our time (environmental, health, food security), threatening our very survival. Many efforts are made to end factory farming by changing consumer behavior (e.g., reductarian or vegan diets) and treatment of animals (e.g., antibiotics-free or cage-free) with limited success, particularly in light of our growing global population increasingly hungry for animal products. Another option is to change the way animal products are made by applying advances made in medicine to making food, a system known as cellular agriculture. This means meat, milk, eggs, leather harvested from cell cultures rather than from animals – a process that is considerably more sustainable, efficient, safe, and humane than factory farming. At New Harvest, we are catalyzing research to build the foundational tools and train the engineers to make these products and eliminate the need for factory farming.