Research for the Animal Movement: What Priorities Does It Suggest?

jon bockmanjacy reesadriano

  • Jon Bockman, Executive Director Animal Charity Evaluators
  • Adriano Mannino, President, Effective Altruism Foundation
  • Jacy Reese, Research Associate Animal Charity Evaluators

Time: Sunday, 05:00 PM – 06:00 PM
Room: H3010

We will wrap up this year’s conference with a dialogue on cause prioritization in the animal movement. Drawing on insights gathered from the previous two days’ talks, three of our speakers will explore the following considerations and more:

  • Cost-effectiveness and prioritization research: why is it important, what has been achieved so far, and how reliable are the results?
  • Proven vs. speculative strategies: which is needed more, and what investigative tools can help us in answering this question?
  • Long-term strategic effectiveness: how important is it to establish a strategy-neutral culture in the animal movement?
  • Cause-specific vs. cause-neutral: could prioritization research show that other causes are more important, particularly for animal activists?