Sentience Politics: Our Strategic Approach

Speaker: Adriano Mannino, President Sentience Politics
Time: Saturday, 05:30 PM – 06:30 PM
Room: H3010

Sentience Politics is an antispeciesist political think-and-do tank. Our current strategic approach can be summarised as follows: Appeal to reason and empirical facts instead of to emotion and biases like the “single victim effect”; target young people that are likely to be future societal influencers and leaders; put a political spin on things and conduct pioneering legislative and judicial campaigns; be more “meta” than is common, e.g. by creating effective activists and professional donors rather than veg adopters, and by investing significant resources into strategic research; be as “cause-neutral” as possible and connect the animal cause to (far) future frontiers such as reducing wild animal suffering and protecting digital sentience. The talk will explain the reasons behind this approach, describe our policy papers and campaigns so far, and outline our future plans.